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The Company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX code: INL).

Science Developments Pty Ltd

In November 2013, Intec Ltd acquired a 50% interest, with the option to increase its ownership to 100%, in Science Developments Pty Ltd.

For almost 20 years Science Developments has focused exclusively on the research, development and manufacture of polymers for liquid-solids separations such as:

  • chemically-aided clarification of wastewater from mining and industrial processes;
  • dewatering of sludges & slurries from sewage treatment, mining and manufacturing industries; and
  • specialised flotation and sedimentation processes.

The acquisition of an interest in Science Developments is complementary to Intec’s historic and current activities in the treatment of waste products from mining and related activities.

Intec Process Technology

The Intec Process operates in the chloride medium to recover base and precious metals from mineral ores and concentrates and industrial wastes and residues in a cost effective and environmentally safe manner.

In respect of its technology assets, the Company agreed to an extensive cross-licensing and technology transfer with Intec International Projects Pty Ltd in relation to Intec’s patent portfolio.  Intec International Projects, under its new ownership, is a provider of laboratory testwork and engineering services in relation to Intec Process applications.  The Company will receive a royalty on any revenue generated by Intec International Projects in relation to these activities.

For further information on Intec International Projects and Intec process applications see: http://www.intecip.com.au